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Our classes are for educational and informational purposes only.  Attending these classes will not guarantee employment or representation.  We make no claims that you will be employed upon taking these classes.  You will receive feedback from our instructors.  We hope you will gain knowledge to help further your performing goals


Our classes will be for ages 7 and up.  Each class listing will specify the age range.  For example 8 to 16, adults or all ages.  Different classes will be appropriate for different age ranges.  Should you have a question about the age range for the class please feel free to contact us. 

The children's classes are for the children.  We do not allow parents to participate.  This helps the child to not be distracted and allows instructors to teach without parent interruption.  We will be happy to briefly discuss your child's participation after class is over.  During class you are welcome to go get a snack, or just relax outside the room.  Your child will be allowed to have a cell phone with them, but will be asked to put it on silent.  Should you have any questions or concerns with this policy, please feel free to contact us. 

Once a class is purchased there are no refunds (with the exception of something out of our control such as cancellation of instructor, time change of more than 2 hours, or location change over more than 10 miles or a catastrophic storm)  Should you not be able to attend the class for any reason we will be happy let the people on the wait list know and they can contact you regarding purchasing your seat.  If you are unable to sell your ticket, Scene-1 will offer you a missed workshop/ class credit. You can use $75 of the cost of your ticket towards any other workshop within 6 months.   We understand that things can come up (illness, car issues, etc), but please keep in mind Scene-1 is still contractually obligated to pay for the venue, speaker fee, and other associated costs of the workshop even if you do not end up attending. We try to keep pricing reasonable for attendees. If people repeatedly do this it would drive costs up and we will discontinue any kind of credit program. Please make sure your email (when you register) is correct. It is out of our control if you register with a bad email and do not receive updates. If you are registering for headshots, the deposit is non-refundable. Make A Movie Camps with Gray Studios follows the Gray Studios refund statements. 

Sometimes due to the instructors schedules or unexpected travel delays there may be a delay of class time.  We will contact all attendees as soon as possible if we encounter this. Should the delay cause you to not be able to attend the class your money will be refunded or applied towards a future class.

Sometimes due to the instructors schedules or unexpected travel delays there may be a need to bring in a different instructor.  Should this be the case you can choose to attend the class with the new instructor, or request a refund or  have funds applied towards a future class.  Sometimes we have multiple instructors at one time.  As long as the majority of them still attend the class will continue as is. 

A short snack/food break will be held during class.  Please feel free to bring your snack with you (we do not advise leaving due to tight time constraints).  Please do not bring any nut products (due to some nut allergies).  Beverages are allowed throughout the class.  


Please bring two headshots and resumes. One is for the instructor, and one is for Scene 1.  Should we already have your information on file, only one headshot/resume will be needed.  We will provide pencils and note paper, as well as any handouts and information the instructors would like to give you.  Normally casting directors are not allowed to keep your headshot and resume, but they like to see them in order to provide you feedback on them.  It also helps them tailor their redirection on your performance based on your level of experience.  


We try to keep the fees down as low as possible. If you sign up for our email list we typically send out an early bird discount code before we post it on line, so you can sign up early and save.  If you are unable to afford a workshop, please contact us about a possible scholarship. We know every situation is different and will help you when we can.   We base the fee on several factors, namely we are normally responsible for speakers round trip transportation, speaker fee (if there is one), accommodations, venue rental, advertising and other fees. 

Have a question not answered here?  Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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