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Barbara Scheeler founded Scene 1 to provide local access to incredible instructors normally only found in markets like NYC and LA. Washington actors can spend thousands of dollars, not to mention endless time and resources to travel back and forth for amazing classes. Barbara saw a need to bring those same resources to the Washington Metro area after making the same trips to New York City frequently, with her son, who is a professional actor.   


Our classes are taught and attended by industry professionals who can help provide the tools to achieve your performing goals. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, there is a class for you.  The entertainment business is built on talent, hard work and being in the right place at the right time.  Equally important are relationships.  Getting "face time" with other professionals and networking as often as possible helps actors develop those relationships, which may help lead to valuable referrals that can advance a career in acting and the entertainment business in general.  Scene 1 aims to help you facilitate these relationships.


Our classes and events are for educational purposes only.  You will receive feedback and valuable information from the instructor.  Attending a class does not guarantee you employment or representation.  We follow casting director workshop regulations, casting directors are not allowed to keep your head shots and resumes.  They periodically look at them in class to give you feedback on them and they also help the instructor when they deliver feedback to you.  If you are new the feedback will be tailored differently than if you are a seasoned actor.  The workshops are several hours long and we expect particpatns to be engaged the entire time.  Remember never stop learning, and growing as an actor.   


ON CAMERA acting classes 



Improv and sketch comedy for adults and children.

COMMERCIAL workshop 



and on camera classes and intensives.

AGENT workshops


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