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The fee prior to 7/30 starting at 399. You can split it with another actor and you both can share the scene or we can pair you with someone or just star in your own scene!!   Need a doctor, detective, professional, clip? Need a special skills clip cut to some awesome music. Don't miss out. Same film crew in LA charges $800 for a reel clip. If funds are an issue let us know, we have 2 small scholarships. 


Shooting would be after 5 pm 8/9 - 8/13 and slots open for Saturday 8/14 and Sunday am. 


  1. Consultation first about what you are looking for, character type, review and rehearsal. 

  2. Script written just for you.

  3. On site coaching to make you shine.

  4. Edited copy sent to you (sound, color, etc)

  5. Book in advance so you have time to rehearse 


Here are a few samples - he's completed over 100s of these. 


And here are links to a few individual recent ones: 


Comedy Sample 1:


Comedy Sample 2:


Drama Sample:


Drama Commercial Sample:


Youth compilation


Comedy Commercial Sample:


Dance Reel Sample:

Write for open slots.


Excited to have Curt Mega from LA return for a week long movie camp. 

Check out this interview about camp


In partnership with actor, writer and director Curt Mega/Story Matters Studios, students will be immersed in the filmmaking process, from world-building, to screenwriting, to character development, to on-set production and filming. This intensive week-long filmmaking journey will empower students by creating an immersive, in-depth cinematic experience, helping artists to further their career as both actors and aspiring filmmakers.


Your film will get you IMDB credits, and footage for your reel. Not group footage with 15 other actors, but actual amazing footage.


We will be meeting with the group via zoom a few times in advance to discuss , script ideas, writing, locations, character development.  Remember if you / your child needs assistance with car pool let us know.

Rate:  $550  for 5 days  plus advance zoom sessions ($500 if you are a Actors Center member, SAG member, WIFV, or VPA member) 

Dates:  August 9 - 13, 2021   Working / School see below - you don't have to be there the entire time if you have other commitments.

Location: Will be scouting, tentatively Alexandria, VA area 

Small size:   We are capping the class size to keep it small

Past work:


We will be working on scripting, filming, acting (and some coaching), camera angles, terminology, and when not filming learning about headshots, set lingo, commercials, and much more.


This is for youth and adult. 


Worried you have to work and will miss a day or two or have to come later in the day, etc. No problem. We can work around that and do your scenes when you are available, as well as catch you up with some zooming, so don't worry about it. We will make it work. If you have questions, please email me and I can explain more in detail to you. We've done that in the past, especially for our adult actors.

EMAIL for sign up information. 

NYC Photographer Guido Venitucci will be returning in August! Be sure to book your slot in advance he sells out every time.  $350 for a package. You get

  • All Proofs 

  • Two Edits

  • As many looks as you can fit in the session (normally about 5-7)


Scene 1's mission is to bring professional development resources to actors of all ages in the Washington, DC metro region. Our mission is to enrich and support local actor talent by bringing well-respected casting directors, industry experts, and film and Broadway stars, to teach and advise us where we live and work.  Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, we have a class for you.